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Be Powered by Honey
In 1954, beekeeper Ralph Gamber and his lovely wife Luella created the EN-R-G Bar as a healthy snack. The energy food pioneers also introduced “quick energy” packets of honey. Fifty years later, Honey Stinger was started in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by a group including their son and grandson, Bill Gamber. Our goal is simple; provide great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients. We think Ralph and Luella would be proud of our products and we know you’ll like them too. While our products were originally created for endurance athletes, they also serve as a healthy snack for any time of day. Many of our products are certified organic, kosher and/or gluten-free. Honey Stinger products are great on a bike, great on a run, great for anything you need to get done.

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