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Sustainable and Functional with Style
Full Circle was launched in March 2009 with the mission of creating products that balance style, function, sustainability and affordability. The company was founded by a group of friends living in China at the time and began working with outstanding and responsible local manufacturers. Full Circle, a certified B Corp now headquartered stateside, continue to work and produce overseas and make sure the environment, community and product are their top priorities. The founders share the ideal that products shouldn't sacrifice form or function in order to be green. Each product is designed and materials are selected based on impact to the environment over the entire product life cycle. This includes raw materials sourcing, durability and
disposal. Each Full Circle product is designed to look beautiful and last long, without leaving a lasting impact on the Earth. The company and its founders believe strongly in constantly striving to do things better, because while there may be a finite number of resources in the world, there’s an infinite number of ways to use them more wisely.

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